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Dear Dr. Gulinson and staff,
After looking at the before and after pictures that Dr. Gulinson performed I decided to check into the Femi lift and Elective Vaginal Reduction procedures. At the age of 55 and not ever having children I really didn't realize that things physically had changed. After my consultation I decided to start with the Femi lift ,which was a very easy procedure and noticed a difference. I did the three sessions and I then decided to go ahead and do the vaginal reduction . It's been eight weeks since the surgery , it was very painless and such a easy recovery time .I am so thrilled I went ahead and had this procedure done , it looks how it should look has helped improved me sexually and the physical look. I'm so very please with the results and very happy I had both procedures done. Thank you Dr. G. , Katie and medical staff they all were excellent.
by S.M.

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Scott M. Gulinson, MD, FACOG