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Pregnancy/Maternity Care

It is healthy to exercise in pregnancy but learning to do new events would probably be better undertaken when not pregnant. For example, learning to do a marathon when one does not generally run regularly is probably not a good idea. But brisk walking, swimming, etc is generally ok.

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Gynecology Services

A time for your general healthy well being to be evaluated. We perform full examination of the thyroid, heart lungs, lymph nodes, breast examination, abdominal examination, pelvic examination. We include testing for cervical and vaginal cancer, pap smears, evaluation for vaginal infections, and pelvic evaluation.

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Elective Gynecology Procedures

Please visit our website at for an in depth discussion on each of these exciting advances of women’s healthcare! Please note that Dr Gulinson was the first and only physician in Phoenix and Glendale who trained at the world renowned Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation Institute of America located in Beverly Hills, California from Dr David Matlock, the physician who perfected the surgical techniques

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