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FemiLift Vaginal Tightening

Our bodies are constantly changing, and for a woman who is approaching or experiencing menopause, these changes may not always be welcomed. Stress urinary incontinence and vaginal dryness are common occurrences that appear alongside the natural aging process or come as a result of childbirth. These changes can cause silent embarrassment and effect a woman’s confidence and overall sexual health. To restore the youthful and active qualities of the vagina, Dr. Scott Gulinson offers FemiLift treatment, which uses gentle laser therapy to improve urinary incontinence and restore natural lubrication.

What is the FemiLift?

FemiLift is a laser treatment specifically designed for vaginal rejuvenation, using CO2 laser technology to provide benefits such as urinary control, increased lubrication and overall vaginal tightness. The FemiLift uses a sterile wand to emit laser energy onto the vaginal wall, which induces the production of collagen and causes the vaginal tissue to contract. The contraction limits the loss of bladder control and stimulates vaginal lubrication during arousal.

Why Receive Treatment with Femilift?

Many women experience stress urinary incontinence after childbirth, when the pelvic floor has weakened to a point where urination becomes inadvertent. This loss of control usually occurs when the bladder is relaxed or has slight pressure placed on it through laughter or exercise, but the sensation can cause many women to feel self-conscious since they never know exactly when they will lose control.

Additionally, the onset of menopause, as well breastfeeding and cancer, can cause vaginal dryness as the subsequent changes in estrogen levels can make it more difficult for the vagina to fully lubricate. A lack in vaginal lubrication can cause unwanted friction during intercourse, making sex painful. FemiLift treatments effectively shrink the tissues within the vagina, which provides additional support to the urethral opening. Likewise, the increase in collagen production provided by the treatment promotes healthier tissue within the vagina, which enhances rejuvenation and improves the vagina’s ability to lubricate itself.

How Does FemiLift Treatment Work?

Like many laser procedures, you will have needed a series of treatments (typically three) in order to experience optimal results. Dr. Gulinson recommends they be spaced out four weeks apart in order to produce maximum benefits. Because FemiLift treatment is so gentle, the procedure can be performed right in our office with little to no discomfort. Many patients report feeling vaginal tightness after their first procedure; however, you are more likely to see full results once all three treatment sessions are complete and the collagen is given enough time to restore the vaginal tissues.

Each session should take no more than 20 minutes and everyday activities can be immediately resumed after. You can expect your FemiLift results to last several years if you complete the proper treatment regimen, remain in good health and refrain from having additional children. You can also perform vaginal exercises, such as kegels, to enhance your FemiLift treatment even further. If you would like more information about what FemiLift can do for your stress urinary incontinence and vaginal dryness, if you live in the Glendale or Phoenix area contact Dr. Scott M. Gulinson at 602-678-1111 and schedule a consultation.