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Gynecology Services

In 1999,  Phoenix Gynecologist Dr. Gulinson became board certified to practice Obstetrics and Gynecology and has been serving Phoenix and its surrounding areas since! He has delivered over 7,000 babies and performed more than 5,000 gynecology related procedures! In addition to his surgery expertise, Dr Gulinson believes in a well rounded and fully encompassing approach to his patients in the office setting. Annual visits include a full physical examination, generalized lab work, PAP smear and STD screening where necessary, consideration birth control or hormone replacement, breast health and family history considerations for breast, ovarian and uterine cancer prevention! Isn’t it time to pay more attention to your health and concerns?” Call now for your appointment at 602-678-1111

Gynecology/Women’s Health Problems

We frequently evaluate and manage in the office visit:

  • Birth Control

    Please feel free to inquire with us about the use of all types of birth control. These include barriers methods (condoms), systemic combination hormonal contraception (birth control pills, Nuvaring, Patch, Depo Provera (DMPA), Nexplanon capsule insert and nonsystemic contraception such as IUDs (intrauterine devices) with progesterone hormone (Mirena, Liletta, Skyla) and without hormone (Paragard). We also offer permanent sterilization (laparoscopic surgery for tubal occlusion, BTL).

  • Painful Menstruation

    During the menstrual cycle powerful hormones called prostaglandins may be released and can cause discomfort. However anatomic abnormalities may also be the culprit for your troubles and you need to know the cause to help treat the problem. We can discuss this further in the office and possibly test you through blood tests or ultrasound to confirm whether fibroids, ovarian cysts or endometriosis may be present. Let us begin to help you get your life back!

  • Heavy Periods and Menstrual Flow Reduction

    Heavy or prolonged menstruation can be treated hormonally with OCPs, IUD or progestins or surgically with endometrial ablation such as Novasure Global Endometrial Ablation, Minerva or hysterectomy.


    A variety of options exist for helping to reduce or alleviate premenstrual syndrome ranging from continuous birth control to avoid menstruation, SSERM medicines cyclically such as Sarafem and others.

  • PCOS

    Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome is really a misnomer. Women with PCOS do not necessarily have many cysts in their ovaries. It really is a metabolic disorder for which the ovaries fail to respond to systemic hormones and they thus fail to ovulate. In doing so, many follicles are left available for ovulation but never become ‘called up’ by the ovary to do so. This can appear on the ultrasound as multiple follicles. This syndrome of metabolic disorder can lead to excess estrogen influence on the lining of the uterus leading to abnormal menstrual cycles, prolonged menstruation, absence of menstruation, and ultimately endometrial hyperplasia. It can pose a risk for insulin resistance, carbohydrate metabolism issues, diabetes, abnormal lipid profile and future cardiovascular issues. Its diagnosis is mostly by hormone labs and sonography and its management is usually by cycle regulation with OCPs or ovulation induction with medicines such as clomid.

  • Fibroids

    These are single cell smooth muscle tumors found in the uterus in many women. They are extremely common and usually so small as to be inconsequential. However, depending upon their size and location, fibroids can become quite a nuisance! They may cause abnormal bleeding or pain and pressure and can grow to the size of a cantaloupe or larger! We can help you with a plan to manage or remove your fibroids or your uterus if necessary.

  • Urinary Incontinence

    Genuine Stress Urinary Incontinence is the loss of urine with coughing and sneezing without a bladder spasm. We can determine if you have this problem during our office visit and examination. If this shows loss of the urethrovesical angle ( a drop of the urethra with leak of urine) we can offer you a minimally invasive outpatient procedure called a “sling” which may well help you become dry again! Why not find out if this can be fixed….we can help!

  • Pelvic Organ Prolapse

    This includes relaxation or prolapse of the uterus, bladder wall, rectovaginal wall bulging into the vagina. Dr Gulinson has performed over 1000 prolapse related procedures and can help determine the best route of care for you individually.

  • Menopause and Hormone Replacement

    Dr Gulinson has been providing women hormonal evaluation and management for over 20 years in Phoenix and has extensive experience in offering bioidentical hormone replacement pellet therapy of Estradiol and Testosterone. Come to the office for a consultation, let’s draw your lab/hormone profile and get you started in your hormone optimization program which will help let you feel better during he most important years of your life!

Gynecology Procedures:

Experience Matters! Dr Gulinson has performed over 1000 gynecology related procedures
We are specially trained and certified in performing minimally invasive procedures that reduce or eliminate menstrual flow and pelvic pain (Endometrial Ablation, Laparoscopic Hysterectomy) and urinary stress incontinence (midurethral sling). Call us now for your evaluation of whether these wonderful minimally invasive procedures are right for you!

  • Davinci Robotic Procedures:

    Dr Gulinson has performed several hundred robotic procedures especially for hysterectomy and management of pelvic disease. This minimally invasive hysterectomy procedure results in much better anatomic exposure, less tissue damage and trauma, smaller incisions and this means a faster recovery for you! Generally you can expect an overnight stay and to go home the next day from a hysterectomy that used to mean days in the hospital and weeks to months in recovery. Not so now. Most are able to return to sedentary jobs just in 2-3 short weeks.

  • Urinary Stress Incontinence:

    Are you tired of leaking urine whenever you cough, sneeze, laugh, jump or exercise. Are you wearing a pad to keep dry and has this become hygienically challenging and socially unacceptable to you? A “sling” procedure is done in this setting and can really help reduce the leak or stop it all together. Come visit Dr Gulinson and let’s see if this is a procedure you are a candidate for. Why wait when there is a solution!

  • ESSURE Removal:

    For many years ESSURE hysteroscopic sterilization offered an option for permanent sterilization to those not wanting incisions on the abdomen or for those who were poor surgery candidates.

    During this procedure, tiny coils made of nickel and titanium were threaded during hysteroscopy into the cornu of the uterus/tube junction where over time the inflammation induced obstruction of this are of the tube. Such then provided sterilization by blocking passage of sperm to the egg for conception to take place. In the last several years, many women have complained to the FDA regarding symptoms they feel are due to the coils and perhaps from allergy to nickel. These have ranged from hair loss, skin rashes, joint pain, mental fog and other systemic symptoms to more local pelvic issues such as pelvic pain, abnormal menstruation and others. The FDA has become inundated with complaints regarding ESSURE. Certainly the majority of patients with ESSURE have not experienced such issues and for them going through a surgery to remove the coils may well be a riskier endeavor than should be considered. However, many patients with these symptoms are looking to remove the coils. To date, the only ways to do this are with surgery to open the fallopian tube and pull the coils out (typically done during laparoscopy) which risks breakage of the coils or hysterectomy with removal of the tubes intact to avoid breakage. Dr Gulinson has experience with both options and if you are needing an evaluation to remove the ESSURE coils please call the office for a consultation. We can then discuss whether you should or need to remove them, what the risks of doing so are and what is the best route for you to have this procedure completed.

  • Pelvic Organ Prolapse:

    Dr Gulinson has performed more than 1000 surgical procedures for Pelvic Organ Prolapse including vaginal hysterectomy, cystocele repair, rectocele repair with and without mesh utilization. An alternative may be a pessary for those not able to have surgery or those not interested in surgery and Dr Gulinson can help fit you with a pessary if that is the preferred route.